Is it possible to hold a genuine dialogue on equal terms that originates in the south between different parts of the planet? The answer is given by BIENALSUR, the International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America. This horizontal platform builds its own territory and turns each point into a hub connected with all the others.

This project, organized by UNTREF (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero) under the general direction of Aníbal Jozami, the artistic and academic direction of Diana Wechsler, Marlise Ilhesca as general advisor, and a team of collaborators, integrates a network of universities, centres and museums that make up a platform for a program with five major curatorial guidelines: BIENALSUR Curatorial Projects, Collection of Collections, Actions in the Public Space, and Art on the Borders, and Art and Social Action. Additionally, an innovative virtual dimension is incorporated through the BIENALSUR Windows of connectivity between venues, and the Augmented Reality experience that reaches out to new art audiences. Along these lines, a number of projects selected in international free topic open calls for artists and curators held in 2016 will be exhibited.

BIENALSUR thus establishes a new dynamic in search of other vectors oriented towards the art and culture system, as well as it appeals to different spectators with an invitation to join this space for reflection.